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  • Juliana Ukiomogbe

Celine Brings Back 16th Century Couture

Photos courtesy of Celine.

Throughout the pandemic, the French luxury brand Celine has been more than creative with their fashion show presentations. From incorporating TikTok stars in “The Dancing Kid” to filming at a running track in Monaco, the fashion house is no stranger to finding fun and innovative ways of displaying its latest designs. Recently, Celine has released a short film debuting their new menswear Winter 21-22 collection. Styled and co-produced by Celine’s creative director Hedi Slimane, “Teen Knight Poem” is a thirteen-minute fashion film that takes place at a grandiose castle at The Château de Chambord. Socially-distanced models dressed in all-black and embroidered in silver jewels make their way throughout the tower as “Time Slip” by The Loom ominously plays in the background. The film is a nod to classic 16th-century court culture with a Parisian couture twist. Game of Thrones meets gothic aesthetics with models sporting embroidered gemstones with leather bomber jackets. Check out the film and all the looks below.


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