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Celine RESORT 2021

Celine has released its Summer Part 1 Collection for women to buy now on its website (it’s not taking part in Black Friday sales). It’s a small drop of house of Celine classics timed for when certain girls will be writing up their holiday wish-lists. Parents, even grandparents might understand the appeal of a Celine horse-and-trap Sulky logo t-shirt as something to send, if they’re feeling indulgent. A pair of mini-horsebit gold brass earrings, or an anchor bracelet, maybe. It’s all in a can’t-go-wrong style they’d have worn themselves in the ’70s, after all—wearable, evergreen nostalgia, as is everything in this segment of the Celine wardrobe.

Hedi Slimane photographed the clothes in St. Tropez on Rianne Von Rompaey in June, which seems to date its provenance to before he filmed both his Celine’s men’s collection and the recently-seen women’s summer collection. Presumably, that was when the first lockdown was focusing production on realistic, reliable pieces: jeans, French-girl safari jackets, cozy sweaters, peasant dresses, rather than party-going fantasy wear. Well, true enough.

There’s little point in dressing up with nowhere to go at the moment.

It’s been delivered without any of the fanfare or multi-channeled activity which has been surrounding other brands’ launches these past few weeks. In the wardrobe Slimane has built, one collection blends into another and clothes are meant to stay relevant, whatever the season—that’s self-evident.


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