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Celine’s hottest handbags for fall 2021

Hedi Slimane’s latest creations for the luxury fashion brand might be the dream Gen Z accessories

The Tabou is an elevated saddlebag with a vintage vibe, while the classic Teen Soft 16 comes in calfskin with signature details like a cropped flap

The new Celine Tabou. Photo: Celine

Youthful energy abounded in Celine’s fall/winter 2021 show, and tying it all together, like the ribbon on a Gen-Z’s birthday present, were the handbags.

The Teen Soft 16. Photo: Celine

Hedi Slimane’s collection debuted a new bag in the Celine line-up: the Celine Tabou. Whereas

the Celine 16 was inspired by archival designs from the 1960s, Slimane is looking a few decades on for his new bag of the season.

An elevated saddle bag with a definite vintage vibe, the Celine Tabou is inspired by the house’s archival designs from the 1980s. Like the 16, the Tabou also stands out in its timelessness, featuring a very clean gold padlock on the face as its sole hardware, and offered in three neutral colourways for the season – tan, anthracite and rice.

A look from Celine’s fall 2021 collection. Photo: Celine

Celine has also expanded upon the Celine 16 line with the Teen Soft 16. The new shape is played in smooth calfskin in either black or tan. The elements that make the 16 so covetable, the cropped flap and rounded and belted effects, are maintained in the smaller Teen Soft.

The removable textile strap for potential cross-body wear also gives the Teen Soft a younger, more active feel than its predecessors.