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  • Kirsten Chen

CELINE's Surfboards Take the House's Chic Aesthetic Into New Waters

Brick Howze of Ebony Beach Club takes new items from CELINE SURF for a ride in Malibu.

Launching in June of 2022, CELINE is calling upon endless summer vibes and California surfer style to inform its latest products for CELINE SURF. CELINE SURF brings limited edition exclusives to the brand’s flagship boutiques. The line even includes a logo-emblazoned functioning surfboard that’s been taken for a test ride by DJ, producer and surfer Justin Brick Howze of Ebony Beach Club for a campaign shoot.

To chase the best waves, Howze prefers to surf as early as 5AM. After waking up, he quickly checks his CELINE Medium Backpack Trekking to make sure all of his daily essentials are packed. The bag’s black robust nylon material provides lightweight protection against rough beach elements such as strong winds, coarse sand and cold waters. Once the surfboard is loaded into his car, Howze throws on a Loose Bowling Shirt and the retro-inspired CT-04 Lace-Up Sneakers before making his way over to Nicholas Canyon Beach in Malibu.

To stay protected from the frigid ocean waves, the Ebony Beach Club member wears his go-to black wetsuit that matches the black logo on his 6’2 CELINE surfboard. These early morning sessions are a blessing for the Howze who likes avoiding crowds that build up quickly throughout the day. Once out of the water, the surf enthusiast warms up with a two-tone Oversized Varsity Jacket that’s made from a summery shade of peach calfskin. He also wears a Cloche Hat to combat the Southern California sun and moves his valuables into a smaller Trekking Ava bag designed in an earthy Khaki hue.

After wrapping up at the beach, Howze takes a moment to relax and change outfits in his car. He wears a complete look from CELINE SURF’s latest releases which include an Oversized Varsity Jacket in textured wool, an animal-printed Hawaiian Shirt and comfortably chic Triomphe Flared Track Pants.

Ultimately, Brick Howze embodies the maverick spirit of the CELINE SURF line. The 25-year-old multi-hyphenate is charting his own path in the waters and beyond as exemplified by his career as a DJ and being co-founder of Ebony Beach Club.

Take a look at the video above to catch Howze’s surf session with the new board from CELINE SURF. For more information about the apparel and items within the limited edition collection, head to the brand’s website or the CELINE Soho and CELINE Madison Store.


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