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  • Grace O'Neill


'Lucky Dior' marries our two favourite things: astrology and fashion

Image: Courtesy of Dior

The origin of the house of Christian Dior has an unlikely provenance: a seaside-dwelling mystic. As brand folklore tells it, a young Monsieur Dior stumbled upon a palm reader when he was a young boy growing up in Northern France who told him he would amass great success by surrounding himself with, and working for, women. This lead Christian on an eventual path to fashion, and instilled in the designer a lifelong obsession with astrology and mysticism. That interest culminated in almost daily visits from clairvoyants, including the elusive fortune teller Madame Delahaye, whom Dior considered one of his greatest influences. Legend tells that Mme. Delahave even warned M. Dior not to travel to Italy before he embarked on the trip where he would suffer a fatal heart attack aged only 52.

It comes as no surprise then that Dior’s eventual predecessor, current creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, has continually referenced astrology and the zodiac in her collections for the brand. In 2017, Grazia Chiuri embroidered classic New Look silhouettes with intricate constellations, and has, over the last four years, reworked the classic Dior Saddle and Book bags with references to the zodiac. Perhaps most memorable was her couture Fall/Winter 2020 collection, which was inspired by the Tarot. This desire to marry mysticism and fashion continues with the launch of ‘Lucky Dior’, a new capsule collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. A tribute to “Monseuir Dior’s passion for signs of destiny”, the collection includes a new astrology-inspired ‘Zodiac Pixel’ print, which reworks the 12 astrological signs with a vibrantly-hued palette of yellows, blues, reds, and greens.

Recurring favourites from the Dior archive feature in the collection, including the aforementioned Book tote (now in a chic latte-hue with zodiac embroidery), the Dway slide, and silk pajama sets. M. Dior’s famous ‘lucky star’—a recurring motif for the brand—is reworked into metallic eyelets on handbags, or used as a statement charm on feminine gold jewellery including bracelets and Tribales earrings. True astrology fans will know we’ve just entered Leo season, which, for Aquarian Maria Grazia Chiuri means “firing on all creative cylinders”. No doubt Christian Dior would view this as no coincidence.

Image: Courtesy of Dior

Image: Courtesy of Dior


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