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The French fashion house unveils a fresh take on the iconic saddle silhouette for their Men’s Spring 2023 collection.

Sprouted from the creative genius of Marc Bohan in 1967, the Dior Oblique Toile has remained a mainstay in men’s luxury fashion. The saddle bag silhouette is nothing short of iconic – instantly reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘00s chic, or dangling off the arm of a Y2K Paris Hilton. This iteration, however, retains the Dior Oblique’s timeless roots while breathing new life into it. An unmistakable signature since its debut, the bag is brought to new heights with a glistening iridescent variation; it’s all the more alluring.

This sparkling new iteration elevates the Dior Men’s Spring collection, enriching its classic jacquard with Ruthernium-coloured Lurex threads. What results is a feat of flawless craftsmanship, complete with metallic highlights – which bring light to the meticulousness that Dior’s artisans possess. These metallic adornments grace a variety of other pieces from the collection, such as the Dior Lingot and Gallop bags – as well as the B23 and B27 sneakers. Toeing the line between heritage and audacity, this fresh take underscores the spirit of innovation that Dior holds so dear.

To find out more, click here – and for a peek into the makings of the new Dior Oblique Toile, head below…


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