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  • Navi Ahluwalia


Strength is a numbers game.

Dior‘s new Fall 2022 campaign aims to bring the history of the brand into the contemporary world, through a series of sleek group portraits shot by photographer Alice Mann. The new campaign is centered around strength and unity and seeks to evoke messages of sisterhood, self-affirmation and power. The family Burlap Bag is the hero piece tying the campaign and its models together, alongside the iconic Dior Book Tote bag. Further emphasizing the message of togetherness, the phrase “L’union fait la force,” which directly translates to “strength through unity” is emblazoned across skirts and jackets.

Dior’s latest campaign comes shortly after the brand opened its newest concept store in Seoul. The new store boasts a roofless, open-air construction and is home to some of the brand’s most notable pieces, alongside a café.

Take a look at Mann’s portraits above, and watch Dior’s Fall 2022 campaign below.

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