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  • Sami Chazonoff

Dior Showcases Modern Creations With a Timeless Twist for Men’s Summer 2022 Collection

For Summer 2022 at Dior Men, Artistic Director Kim Jones re-examines the fashion house’s codes to design a ready-to-wear collection that’s trendy and contemporary but has hints of tradition and the brand’s heritage influence woven into it. The Men’s Summer 2022 collection features an array of fashion-forward styles like oversized sunglasses, shimmery bomber jackets, and chunky sneakers — just to name a few. Among the most notable pieces and patterns found in the collection though would be the recurring bandana-inspired prints, as well as the classic oblique, and CD Diamond Jacquard which are influenced by timeless designs and appear throughout the line.

Perfect for summertime, fans of the brand will enjoy the modern creations in this collection that are riddled with vibrant colours and energetic patterns. The styles and select silhouettes are new and current while still paying homage to the House’s roots.

As previously noted, the signature Dior oblique is seen in this collection — it’s found on bandanas, overshirts, and card holders. While a reinvented version of the timeless bandana motif which highlights the Paris-Texas inspiration of the collection takes shape on short-sleeved shirts, Bermuda shorts, and cashmere scarves — in a variety of inspired colourways. The CD Diamond print debuted in this Summer collection was originally designed by French fashion designer Marc Bohan in 1974. Available in grey, black, and café, this new code certainly makes a fashion statement — with its effortless contemporary flair while still having so much history and depth.

The jewellery and accessories in this collection, both classic and innovative, also highlight the collection’s purpose to merge the old with the new — to honour the brand’s heritage by taking perennial and timeless designs and spinning them. By thoughtfully reinventing and recreating them, they somehow become new again.


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