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Dsquared2 Men’s Fall 2019

Dean and Dan Caten chose a concertlike format to present their fashion extravaganza.

In the Instagram era, experiences are becoming key to making a difference in the real, physical environment. While images and videos available on smartphones can help a brand spread its message, a proper event can guarantee guests will go back to their homes with special memories and emotions. This is what Dean and Dan Caten must have thought when they conceived the format of their fall runway show, with guests standing by the catwalk as at a music concert and bars serving drinks. And, indeed, the music was great — a mix of pop, dance and Madonna’s iconic songs. The thing is, people weren’t there for the soundtrack or the drinks. They were supposed to be there to see the clothes. Even if Dsquared2’s intentions were noble — offering a fun, entertaining and unconventional experience during fashion week — the result missed the mark, with several editors leaving before the end of the show because they couldn’t see a thing.

Those who managed to sneak in through the crowd witnessed a pop, rock ‘n’ roll, grungy, disco extravaganza. After presenting a pre-fall collection focused on chic, wearable pieces, the Caten brothers used their fall coed runway to send out a clear message: Dsquared2 is about partying, dancing and having fun.

The musical inspiration translated into grungy tartan shirts, T-shirts, tank tops and urban outerwear pieces splashed with heavy metal and psychedelic prints, as well as dresses; mini, or better yet, micro skirts, and parkas covered with sparkling sequins. All of this was combined with a winter mountaineering feel. While pretty shearling coats warmed up the looks — in the women’s line they actually covered inches and inches of skin left unprotected by sexy dresses — technical men’s ski pants with suspenders revealed the Canadian Catens’ passion for winter sports.

Puffers, padded vests and parkas splashed with flamboyant graphics exalted the urban appeal of the collection, which was clearly designed for frisky party lovers who don’t like to stay in the shadows. Just like many of the guests at the show, even if they couldn’t see the models.


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