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Emilio Pucci Wants to Dress You in Color from Head to Throw

The Italian fashion brand is bringing bold colors and patterns to a new home and lifestyle collection.

The all-black fashion uniform has kept many careers (and countless lint rollers) in play. But at home, with just a few high contrast exceptions, we look to color for personality. Emilio Pucci owns this space. His revered fashion brand has made exuberance, pattern, and nonchalance possible at home, even if you’re not Italian or on very good terms with brights.

The company has just debuted a new home and lifestyle collection, comprising silk pillowcases, silk blankets, decorative porcelain trays, and scented candles (starting from $150 to $990). Each item features prints from the Emilio Pucci Archive—all selected by Laudomia Pucci, the icon’s daughter and the brand’s image director. There are three prints—sole, occhi and farfalle—each one instantly identifiable from the Florentine designer’s oeuvre. It’s a gamesome-with-access-to-the-private-island attitude—ready for cocktails and happy in red trousers and an easy sandal.

Pucci’s signature, literally and figuratively, on a dish

These are the modern-day accessories of a cult brand with an indelible aesthetic that started in the early 1950s when the Pucci decided to break with convention and liberate women with sensual, flowing, colorful designs. And while this series is a significant foray into décor, it’s not a first-time effort. “Our brand has always, since the early 70’s, been involved in brand extensions! In fact, my father was designing custom made rugs, porcelains with Rosenthal and home linens, [and such,]” says Laudomia Pucci.

Getting graphic on silk.

High-end names in the design world have raced to collaborate with Pucci, and importing some of those chromatic feel-good sensations to the living room. “In the past 15 years, we designed armchairs with Capellini, some decor for Bisazza, chairs with Kartell and coffee cups with Illy and most probably more will come,” Laudomia Pucci tells us. “We started doing pillows for fashion show in 2000 and at the end of every show all pillows would disappear… we have continued with events and other initiatives. People always seem to enjoy them. Therefore, naturally we added small silk blankets that we have done in the past also in cashmere, porcelain trays and scented candles. It just feels all so organic and right for the brand!”

A look at all three prints.

The line is available at Emilio Pucci boutiques now, and is perfectly primed to quell gift-giving anxieties.


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