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Enchanting artistry: loewe unveils festive collaboration with suna fujita’s ceramics

The spirit of the holidays is being redefined by LOEWE’s latest collection – a vibrant celebration of craft and whimsy. This season, LOEWE joins forces with Kyoto’s Suna Fujita ceramic studio to introduce a festive line that marries imaginative storytelling with high fashion.

Artisanal Collaboration: LOEWE x Suna Fujita

A dazzling array of hand-painted ceramics by Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano take a leap from tradition to textiles, adorning everything from denim to knitwear, and extending their enchanting narratives to LOEWE’s iconic bags and accessories.

Introducing the LOEWE Hammock Bag: A Festive Ode to Craftsmanship – This deep-green leather masterpiece showcases a whimsical scene of playful pandas amid a forest, intricately brought to life with leather marquetry and hand-painting techniques, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to storytelling through fashion.

A standout piece is the deep-green Hammock bag, now a canvas for a heartwarming scene of a child, birds, and pandas, brought to life through skilled leather marquetry. The collection doesn’t just stop at visual delight; it tugs at heartstrings by pledging support to Save the Children’s Education in Emergencies program, ensuring part of the proceeds helps offer safe learning spaces to children caught in crises.

Playful Proportions and Bold Colors: LOEWE’s Seasonal Fashion

LOEWE’s holiday offerings also play with proportions in high-waisted fashion across genders, while injecting bold color into everyday staples like Argyle knits. The brand’s craftsmanship shines through in the Squeeze bag’s soft leathers and the sparkle of tiny crystals adorning footwear and accessories.

Exclusive Holiday Experience: LOEWE East Hampton Takeover

The brand’s dedication to the season’s magic will be unmistakably on display at LOEWE East Hampton with a Suna Fujita-inspired takeover, complete with festive floral arrangements and a light garland. New Yorkers will get a taste of this whimsy with an exclusive in-store display at Bergdorf Goodman.

Ready to usher in the holiday season with craft, color, and compassion, the LOEWE Holidays collection awaits its unveiling on November 16 in stores and online at, promising a season of both style and substance.


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