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  • Joelle Diderich

EXCLUSIVE: Dior Launches New Men’s Accessories Line, Snapchat Lenses

Dior has collaborated with Snapchat to create two new augmented reality lenses for the launch of the World Tour capsule collection.

A Snapchat lens for Dior's World Tour capsule collection.

Courtesy of Dior

Dior is betting on color to entice consumers back into its stores after extended lockdowns worldwide.

The French fashion house is launching a series of men’s accessories revisited in vibrant shades, and has collaborated with Snapchat to create two new augmented reality lenses, marking the first time it will be possible to virtually try on a Dior bag and scroll through different styles with a single swipe of the screen.

Dior World Tour B27 sneakers in red calfskin. Courtesy of Dior

Available in yellow, red, blue, green and black, featuring a monochrome version of the Dior Oblique motif, items from the Dior World Tour capsule will go on sale this month in selected Dior stores worldwide.

The line includes limited-edition B27 sneakers with a leather shoe case, sold separately, as well as a Saddle belt bag, a card holder, a clutch and belts with interchangeable straps and buckles. Prices range from 280 euros for a belt buckle to 2,400 euros for the shoe case.

Dior’s AR lens for the launch of the B27 last year generated more than 1.5 million virtual try-ons. The new lenses will allow users to try on the sneakers and the Saddle belt bag in the line’s five colors.


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