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EXCLUSIVE: Kendall Jenner Makes Her Stella McCartney Debut in Horse-inspired Campaign

The horses were provided by horse whisperer and rescuer, Jean-François Pignon, who has rescued, raised and trained them without any physical contact.

LONDONKendall Jenner is the star of Stella McCartney’s fall 2023 campaign, shot by Harley Weir in Camargue, a region in southern France.

This is the model’s first time working with the British fashion designer.

In one nighttime shot at Camargue’s famous salt pans, Jenner lies naked on a white horse, wearing only thigh boots and a matching Falabella handbag.

In another, she wears a tailored red outfit while surrounded by moving horses, which were provided by horse whisperer and rescuer, Jean-François Pignon, who raises and trains them without any physical contact.


“We’ve been riding forever as a McCartney family. My mother Linda once said, ‘I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice,’ and I feel exactly the same. I have loved horses since before I can remember,” McCartney told WWD.

“To me, they represent the rich, rare and respectful relationships that humans can have with animals — with a complete understanding and affection that transcends language. I find being on my horse so healing and it inspires me more to keep fighting to protect our fellow creatures in everything I do,” she added.

The designer said she chose Jenner because they both share a love for horses: The model has been riding since she was 10 years old and has her own ranch.

“You can see how at ease she is around these sensitive creatures, and them with her,” McCartney said.

During Paris Fashion Week last March, McCartney staged her fall 2023 show at France’s oldest riding school, Manège École Militaire, where she first collaborated with Pignon.

“The concept of the winter collection was really about equestrianism, about horses, about the relationship of trust between human and animal, how horses are so trusting,” McCartney said.

Jenner revealed that while growing up, she bonded with a horse named Ladybug and that she will “always have a special place for her in my heart. She taught me so much at such a young age.”


“Dylandra, one of my horses, has also had a profound effect on me, she and I have a marked trust,” she added.

McCartney’s brand is most famous for its use of sustainable and ethical materials and said this ready-to-wear collection is her “most responsible winter offering to date” with 92 percent conscious materials.


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