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EXCLUSIVE: Taeyong Takes Over Paris as Loewe’s Gobal Brand Ambassador

Backstage after the show, the K-pop star talked about his fashion inspirations and teased new projects.

Taeyong attends the Loewe men's spring 2024 show.GETTY IMAGES FOR LOEWE

Turns out getting five minutes with Taeyong takes almost an hour.

Everyone wanted to get a photo with the K-pop star after Saturday’s Loewe show, where he made his first appearance as global brand ambassador. Along with designer Jonathan Anderson, he was swamped by photographers — and starstruck guests who wanted to snap selfies — after the show.

It wasn’t his first Loewe show. Taeyong attended Jonathan Anderson’s show last season as well. He’s been a longtime fan of the brand, and admitted that on his first trip to Paris he made a personal trip to the Loewe store to pick up a Puzzle bag.

“I believe that marked the beginning of this special journey with Loewe that led up to this moment,” he told WWD backstage after the show.

“I feel very honored to be [named a] global ambassador because I’ve been influenced by Loewe a lot,” he said. He still has the bag, and is often photographed carrying it.

Taeyong, who is the leader of the group NCT 127, said fashion plays a big part in his performances.

“Because the music I do involves a lot of performance on stage, fashion plays a big part,” he said. “And aside from that, I‘ve always had a lot of interest in fashion. So, all factors you mentioned come in synergy when it comes to describing who I am.”

The music genre itself is known for its energetic and intricate dance performances, along with the music, costumes and brightly colored hair. On this afternoon, Taeyong sported slicked-back purple locks.

“Our fanbase is strongly rooted in younger generations and this is when people are forming their own set of passions and styles,” he said. “As K-pop artists, we can inspire many people, especially teenagers, to embrace their own passions, and we try to do that through performances. So I think all these different reasons explain why people are naturally attracted to K-pop.”

As part of NCT 127, he has been able to play with looks from hip-hop-inspired to tropical, colorful styles to neo-futuristic.

“Over the past several years, I was experimenting with different fashion styles, and being a part of NCT also allowed me to explore various styles,” he said. “I think this is the main reason I feel comfortable wearing so many styles and developed an ability to not dwell on just one style.”

The group has a rumored album slated for the fall, and while Taeyong was mum about any specifics he said he hopes to be back to work in the studio soon.

“We don’t have a tour planned as of this moment, but because our first album received so much love and support, we’ll probably get started on our second album, soon.”

Taeyong just released his first solo mini-album, titled “Shalala,” and a single of the same name. He dropped some hints on what might happen before he’s back in the studio with NCT 127.

Emily Ratajkowski, Taeyong and Hu Yitan sit front row at Loewe.GETTY IMAGES FOR LOEWE

“During the prep time [for an NCT 127 album], I might do my own tour as a solo artist Taeyong,” he revealed.

“But for now, I’m putting NCT first and am more focused on solidifying my identity as a member of NCT by showing more unique performances.”

When he reunites with his other nine group members, they are also ready to experiment with new genres. “New sound, new performances — it’s kind of a new challenge. It’s coming out soon. It’s very soon.”

Words that are sure to be music to the ears of the hundreds of fans waiting outside the show.

— With contributions from Min Jee Park


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