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Experience The Mesmerizing World Of Swarovski, Step Into Their Immersive Retail Landscape

Reimagining the brand and its legacy, each one of the Swarovski stores pay homage to the shimmering beauty of crystal harmonising with the uniquely captivating charm of the city itself

As the masters of experiential jewellery, Swarovski crystals are crafted with unmatched elegance and a profound focus on innovation; each piece is designed to be deliberately timeless, never out of style. Seeking to reflect the brand’s latest visual identity through titillating sensorial experiences, Swarovski has just become one of the first brands in India to invest in a retail landscape, with over 27 stores spread out around the globe.

Each part of every store is carefully designed as a tribute to the wonders of the Swarovski crystal itself. Different sections of the store sport colour-blocked walls in Swarovski’s signature new brand hues, and a myriad of octagons adornments in a breathtaking display of products and patterns—tastefully designed to delight the quintessential lover of classic diamond contrivance.

Stores near you, designed to capture your imagination

Originally nestled on the first floor of Mumbai’s Palladium mall, Swarovski decided to reimagine the concept store and has now moved it to the mall’s courtyard—a prime location for customers to relish. As the country’s first-ever Swarovski store that boasts the brand’s newest retail landscape, the store grants customers the opportunity to experience their new brand vision immersively. Designed in elegant blue hues and sporting packages wrapped up in signature gross-grain silks and velvets, the retail space is an ode to the ageless crystal—a luxurious invitation to explore Swarovski’s crystal wonderland.

An absolute feast for the senses, Swarovski’s sumptuous retail landscapes beckon you in, promising a world filled with magic and remarkable moments. With an event to celebrate the new opening in style, the brand also announced the face of Swarovski’s Diwali campaign, Ananya Panday, who inaugurated the store.

Speaking about the campaign, Ananya said, “Diwali is a time when everyone comes together to celebrate the joyous light that guides us through the hardships of life. Not only do we celebrate this light, but we also radiate this light from within. Diwali also being the onset of a new year, I truly believe in bringing about a transformative energy, to explore and accept the other sides of me. Along with Swarovski, I urge you to transform your expression and follow your own rules, while remaining true to yourself.”

Attended by many familiar faces of Mumbai, the event celebrated the conflation of science and magic, where self-expression was embraced and celebrated. With sumptuous cocktails from Glenfiddich and Hendrick’s and a wonderful performance by musical guests Kamakshi Khanna & Kayan, the event marked the glorious beginnings of a captivating new retail landscape for Swarovski.


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