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EYETALK - Audio Eyewear ---- the Future of Eyewear

EYETALK the Future of Eyewear

- Smart Audio Eyewear
- Targeted Audio Technology
- Precise sound projection of Sound
- Enjoy your calls or listening to your music while still connected to the world around you
- No more uncomfortable, hot headphones, earbuds

Magnetic Charging

Connect to any Device with Blue Tooth

Get ready to pair your EYETALK to phone, laptop, gaming console or smart TV.

Stay connected continuously

Safe Drive

Listen to navigation directions without having to look at your phone - stay safe while driving, biking, or walking on the street.

Sweat and Weather Resistant

EYETALK is designed to be sweat and splash resistant
Allows for every day use in rainy conditions or sports use


Stay connected with Top Fashion Styles

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