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Fendi is all-in to celebrate empowered femininity

The campaign reflects the same aesthetic that characterises the collection designed by Kim Jones.

The ad campaign for Fendi's Spring/Summer 2022 collection is a celebration of playful irreverence and empowered femininity, which is an echo of bright colours and an enchanting atmosphere.

Creatively directed by Ronnie Cooke Newhouse and Karl Bolander, and shot by Craig McDean, the visuals and video reflect the same aesthetic that characterizes the collection designed by Kim Jones, along with Silvia Venturini, artistic director of menswear and accessories, and Delfina Delettrez Fendi, artistic director of jewellery.

Vittoria Ceretti, Yilan Hua, Barbara Valente, Rianne Van Rompaey and Anok Yai are the five models who brought the campaign to life, captured in the studio with a focus a fun and relaxed vibes. They are captured together, in pairs and alone against graphic backgrounds, in cool hues that fade to blue or solid red cloud shapes.

Inspiration comes from a hand-sketched logo by fashion illustrator and visionary Antonio López , drawing on the artist's liberated sensibility and Studio 54 environment found in the FENDI archives. From this starting point, a collection was born that represents a modern perspective on the greatest moments of the disco era and highlights the diverse and powerful femininity that underlines the FENDI name.

The collection's looks share a common vision, drawn from The Estate and Archive of Antonio López and Juan Ramos: an elegant abstraction of López's gestural brushwork and figurative drawings appear on shirting and leather inlays, while that same handwritten FENDI (the logo) emerges in caramel-coloured diagonal stripes.

FENDI's iconic bags become canvases for both his work and the renowned savoir-faire of the in-house atelier, transforming into graphic works of art.


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