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  • Rebekah Clark


The Selleria macro stitching returns to the fore of craftsmanship for Autumn/Winter 2022

Courtesy of Fendi

“One’s bag is full of secrets, and so the idea of the Peekaboo is a bag that can be worn open,” Silvia Venturini Fendi says. “I think that carrying a Peekaboo says something about a very strong, powerful and empowered person who is not afraid to hide. It has its two compartments – one you can keep close to you and closed, and the other you can choose to reveal something of yourself to the world.”

Courtesy of Fendi

The Fendi Peekaboo bag was debuted on the runway in September of 2008 and was designed by the creative director as an essential bag for women. It is most recognisable for its geometric silhouette and a closure that cascades over the front of the bag when open. 14 years on and it has seen many iterations with the latest released for the Autumn/Winter 2022 season.

This month, Fendi unveiled a Peekaboo capsule celebrating the different sizes and most iconic sizes of the Peekaboo ISeeU, featuring the excellence of exotics and the leather craftsmanship that distinguishes the Italian fashion house: the Selleria macro stitches.

In a new offering for women, the newly-released capsule features the Peekaboo ISeeU in Medium, Small and Mini. Each piece is available in black, white and mint grained leather, as well as a buttery camel colour available in suede. The bag is finished with contrast stitching at the edges and python detailing on the handle. We can’t forget about an offering for men of course, which boasts Peekaboo ISeeU Medium and Mini styles dressed in asphalt and camel coloured Cuoio Romano leather and completed by adjustable shoulder straps.

Courtesy of Fendi

Courtesy of Fendi

To accompany the new capsule, Fendi has released a selection of cashmere accessories. Hats, scarves and earmuffs come to the fore with an all over FF logo alongside cashmere maxi shoppers and pouches. In the brand’s homewares offering also arrives cashmere plaids and pillows. A winter holiday is calling.

The collection is now available at Fendi boutiques globally and online. Explore the full collection, here.


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