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Fendi Unveils Their Campaign For The Peekabo ISeeU Bag

The Italian fashion house unveils a charming visual to promote their latest edition to the Peekaboo lineage.

Forward-thinking by nature and ever-evolving in style, Fendi is a fashion house that embraces imagination and femininity to its extremities. One particular collection that encaptures this candid playfulness is the Peekabo bag range, a capsule of accessories that has represented Fendi’s innate humour and appreciation for Roman craftsmanship since its inception in 2008. Now, the label has revealed the design of their latest addition: the Peekaboo ISeeU Petite and Micro — and they prove to be just as powerful as their sisters.

Revealing the latest design in true Fendi style, the label marries concept with visual art in an enchanting visual shot by renowned director and loyal friend, Luca Guadagnino. The effort, which blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, shows Adwoa Aboah as a fashionable superwoman who soars across the skyline of Rome with a Peekabo ISeeU bag at hand to guide her to the steps of Fendi’s Palazzo Della Civilità Italiana. In this way, Fendi depicts that though their imaginings for the label may reach the clouds, they will always stay true to their roots and home.

Speaking of the collaborative effort, Guadagnino explains, “With the DNA of Fendi being Rome, we, of course, talked about Rome — but instead of being in Rome, being above Rome. We had this idea of levity — of the Peekaboo bag at the centre of the movie, being the magical driver behind Adwoa flying over the ancient city”.

Subtly demonstrated through the fairytale-esque imagery, the accessories come in an array of twelve vibrant tones of Nappa leather: including baby blue, violet, dark honey and mimosa yellow. The micro version also comes in ten declinations of smooth leather, featuring a detachable metal handle for bag charm use, and a detachable shoulder strap for added functionality. Both the petite and micro models boast a minimal and clean design, allowing their striking colour palettes to make a statement while remaining practical for everyday use.

The new collection is available to explore now at To view the video, head below…


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