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The sunglasses collection arrives in two frames: “Inside Story” and “Blockt II Mask”.

FENTY launched their fall eyewear collection, “RELEASE 10-20” earlier this week. The 12th sunglasses collection comes in two new styles of frames: the Blockt II Mask and the Inside Story. 

The Inside Story frame follows a classic feminine cat-eye shape, and wraps around the outside edge of the frame to create a shadow effect. It features Baby Blue and Solid Green lenses and FENTY monogrammed sides. 

The Blockt II Mask is a revamped version of the original Blockt Mask. It features large lenses with a modern slit on the outer edge of the lens. This oversized frame is chunky and bold, with gold detailing and monogrammed tips. It’s available in Jet Black with matching lenses or Coco White with Solid Green lenses.

“RELEASE 10-20” is currently available online for about $300 to $440. Check out the entire collection below: 

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