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For LOEWE, the Holidays Are a Time for Beautiful Simplicity

Tyler Mitchell shoots a festive campaign starring real friends and families who are decked in seasonal gifts and garments.

According to LOEWE, “the most thoughtful gifts are the simple but beautiful ones.” Drawing inspiration from the 19th-century British architect and designer Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, who’s known for his eclectic mishmash of flowers, birds, and hearts in prints dominated by hues such as purple and green, Jonathan Anderson‘s LOEWE celebrates the Holiday period in the only way it knows how to: by serving “an electric clash of color and craft.”

19th-century British arts and crafts often inspire LOEWE capsule collections, and evidently, the Holiday collection is no exception. Here, C.F.A. Voysey’s aforementioned prints and frequent references, notably ones that resulted in his famous 1898 wallpaper design The Owl, inform seasonal pieces such as an intarsia wool cardigan, a wallet, and a pocket and a drawstring pouch, while his herbarium florals are embroidered on wool toile dresses, appear blown up on floor-length wool coats, and printed over the house’s Hammock and Puzzle bags and Cushion totes.

Elsewhere, LOEWE presents garments that are juxtaposed with sequins, lurex, and fluffy shearling as a nod to celebrating on a night out — think New Year’s Eve perhaps. Gifts come in the form of golden LOEWE anagram and signature charms, felt grape and lemon charms, bouquets made from felt, calfskin and brass flower branches, an AirPods case that features a cat’s face on it, and pouches shaped like oranges, butterflies, and snails that can be worn as necklaces if one wishes.

Alongside the Holiday collection, LOEWE also serves up new men’s bags in the form of a Puzzle mini bumbag, the XS Military Messenger, and the Round backpack, while new in-store and web-based customization services allow you to apply animals, symbols, initials and lucky numbers to any of the aforementioned bags as very special gifts this winter.

To truly capture the spirit of the Holiday season, Tyler Mitchell photographed real friends and families with the LOEWE capsule. Take a look at the campaign above, and check out the goods in real life in-store now.


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