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From clutch bags to phone cases: RIMOWA isn’t just about luggage anymore


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I’m relatively practical in most aspects of life, but a travel splurge I’ve never, ever regretted is my now 6-year-old RIMOWA carry-on bag that’s taken me (and my stuff) around the world many times and covered more than 400,000 miles.

My bag always fits in the overhead bin, can hold an enormous amount of belongings and, while it has a few well-earned scuffs, it still rolls on flat surfaces like a dream.

But while the timeless, classic look of RIMOWA bags hasn’t really changed since the signature metal grooves were introduced in 1950, the brand has certainly evolved since I purchased my first piece of grown-up luggage. In addition to developing new suitcases and features for its bags, the iconic brand has branched out. Now, you can shop RIMOWA not only for luggage but also for everyday products that start under $100.

So, whether you’re in the market for a new suitcase, are starting your holiday shopping (for yourself, perhaps?) or are simply looking for a way to bring your favorite travel brand into your daily routine, here are some of RIMOWA’s most exciting products.

Classic luggage

I promise we’ll get to the fun accessories soon, but let’s start with classic RIMOWA luggage. If, or when, I eventually decide it’s time to pass down my first RIMOWA suitcase to someone else in the family, I’ll likely upgrade to the RIMOWA Classic Silver Cabin suitcase.

Blame photographs from the golden age of travel for my obsession, but I love the look of the RIMOWA Silver Classic Cabin bag. Admittedly, it’s not inexpensive (around $1,000), but if you travel as much as I do — at least in a normal year — investing in a reliable piece of luggage you love to see every time you wheel it out of the closet makes sense. RIMOWA even lets you customize the Classic with different colored handles, wheels and tags. You can also add classic city stickers ($10) if you’re chasing that true 1950s jetsetter look.

This aluminum alloy bag with leather handles is engineered in Germany. It measures 21.7 inches tall, 15.8 inches wide and 9.1 inches deep. For reference, Delta and United’s carry-on maximums are 22-by-14-by-9 inches. My current suitcase has similar dimensions and fits in carry-on sizers just fine, but do note RIMOWA’s Cabin bag is technically a bit wider than the specified maximums. You can always opt for the smaller Cabin S version of this bag to play it safe.

A slightly more budget-friendly model is the RIMOWA Essential Cabin line, which is the most similar to what I’ve had for years. This line starts at $640 and offers a 22-by-15-by 9-inch suitcase, but these bags are made of a lighter polycarbonate material that comes not only in options such as the traditional black that I have, but also in fun colors, such as desert rose pink, cactus green, slate and several more.

If you’re looking for something that really stands out, there are now seasonally available multicolor camouflage versions of the RIMOWA Original Cabin bag.

Everyday accessories

Crossbody Clutch bag

If you want to use a RIMOWA bag not just on your travel days, but every day, you can consider the new hard-shell crossbody bag.

These crossbody bags recently debuted in November 2020 and can be used not only as a wearable bag, but also as a travel-inspired clutch if you simply detach the leather straps. They have two open compartments, a zip pocket and three card slots.

The glossy polycarbonate bag comes in black, white, rose or cactus. If you’re ready to go full-on fancy, there are also aluminum crossbody bags available as part of a Dior collaboration.

RIMOWA Sunglasses

If you’re cool enough to rock RIMOWA’s mirrored shades in bold yellow or red, you have my utmost respect and admiration: I’ll never be that hip.

There are also aviator-style shades suitable for both pilots and leisure travelers like me. Personally, I’m eyeing the Pilot Black Smoke Gradient Sunglasses and the Square Crystal Navy Sunglasses.

If you look closely, you’ll see even RIMOWA’s eyewear nods to design elements found in the suitcases, such as grooved metal and assembly pins.

iPhone cases

You can have a touch of RIMOWA in your daily life for less than $100 if you opt for one of the brand’s many iPhone cases.

When I get the iPhone 12, I’d love to have one of these cases, which will protect my phone and also give it that unmistakable, luxury look of a RIMOWA suitcase. We’re big fans of these cases at TPG, and you can even find them on our 2020 holiday gift guide. They are known to sell out, so don’t wait too long if you see what you want.

Much like the brand’s luggage, the phone cases all feature distinctive grooves, though you can get your case in aluminum, polycarbonate or leather. You can go for a more traditional aesthetic (silver aluminum, glossy black polycarbonate), or let loose with a shiny iridescent case.

RIMOWA has cases for the iPhone XR, XS, 11 and the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Just remember, the aluminum cases don’t support wireless charging at this time.

Packing cubes

Once I started using packing cubes, they completely changed how I travel. Packing cubes sound like a little thing until you try them, but keeping your clothing separated and organized makes every step of the packing, unpacking and repacking experience easier.

RIMOWA’s packing cubes are made of an eco-nylon and polyester mesh and come in black, silver or a desert rose pink to coordinate with the different suitcases in a variety of sizes.

Bottom line

If you want the style and function of RIMOWA in your life — but aren’t ready for a suitcase that’ll set you back more than $600 right now — RIMOWA’s new accessories are welcome news.

The brand can now be part of your daily life with phone cases, sunglasses and even all-new crossbody bags. We’ve also heard that, for the first time ever, RIMOWA will be releasing a line of backpacks and soft-side bags beginning in mid-January.

Before you make a RIMOWA purchase, remember to go through an airline shopping portal first to earn bonus miles or points or put the purchase on a credit card that rewards you the most for online shopping.

That way, you’ll have a piece of this iconic travel brand and also be that much closer to cashing in points or miles for your next trip.

Featured image courtesy of RIMOWA


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