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  • Stacey Dutton

From Moncler, Swarovski and Guess- Here's our favourite sunglasses of summer 2021

Here are my thoughts on some of the biggest brands which you can also style for autumn


I cannot get over how summer is nearly over!

Now, as much as I am sad to see the back of summer fashion, I am ready to take some of my favourite accessories into my autumn/winter wardrobe.

There is a lingering need for me to make sure that this year, I make the most out of some of the most gorgeous shades I have ever owned- here are a handful of them.

And not forgetting, I'll let you know where you can pick them up too.

Moncler Lunettes Sunglasses

Moncler Lunettes have been an accessory which I have fell in love with for pretty much any look.

They are massively versatile- and I feel like the frame is relatively small so they felt a really good snug, secure fit.

Another great thing about this style is that they are not too brand heavy- (they have a tiny bit of branding on the side).

These are the one pair that I know will be a firm favourite with plenty of dress and tights combos for a date day.


I worn these Guess sunglasses to the beach with a friend and wow I loved how they looked.

The teal rectangular shape were something I would NEVER have usually picked so I'm glad I got to try them out.

Although they are quite contemporary looking- they will continue to be a staple in my bright wardrobe.

I feel like I will be able to wear these into Autumn/ Winter with chunky knits for long walks on those chilly, sunny days.


They are an all round great sunglasses shape By Swarovski for any face shape- and I don't mind the bit of sparkle (I don't love it, either).

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