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Fully redesigned refillable glass airless solutions for Stella McCartney

Created in partnership with the LVMH group, the STELLA by Stella McCartney’s skincare line has already generated a lot of discussions, thanks to an interesting eco-design work carried out on the products and their packaging. The Italian glassmaker, Bormioli Luigi, and the French beauty packaging specialist, Texen, shared their respective expertises to produce two completely redesigned refillable airless packaging.

Launched in the UK in September 2022, the STELLA by Stella McCartney luxury skincare range is based on a concept of beauty that combines nature, efficiency, and responsibility. The skincare line is made up of three products in various sizes: Reset Cleanser, Alter-Care Serum and Restore Cream moisturizer, with vegan formulas made from at least 99% ingredients from natural origin. The ingredients are 85% traceable down to the country of harvest, and 15% traceable down to the continent. The long-term goal is to trace 100% to the country of harvest.

The recyclable and refillable packaging has been eco-designed with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint by at least a third.

Recycled glass

Bormioli Luigi has responded to the requirement for aesthetical and responsible bottles and jars with a glass made from up to 15% recycled content.

In 2023, the brand intends to boost its eco-design efforts. It anticipates using Bormioli Luigi’s industrial solutions to offer recycled glass content levels of up to 40%.

The challenge consisted of guaranteeing the small dimension of the opening and a depth allowing the refill to fit easily into the jar or bottle and the pump to screw on,” highlights the Italian glassmaker.

Dual usage packaging

While the entire packaging has been designed to be refillable, in the case of the Alter-Care Serum and the Restore Moisturizer the refill itself doubles up as a standalone on-the-go product.

A dual usage is therefore possible:

The standalone refill can be used separately, equipped with a practical and tight closure for on-the-go use, The complete pack including the refill within its glass container, together with an airless pump set allowing to dispense the formula up to the last drop.

The refills are produced by Texen from a decorated and recyclable multilayer film, ensuring all the barrier effects required for the optimal protection of the new formulas. These refills are made from ISCC+ certified renewable sources – predominantly from wood waste using the mass balance principle.

According to the brand, when using the refill inside the glass packaging, the first refill lowers the product’s environmental impact by a third; the second refill lowers the impact by half. When the refill is used on its own, the impact on climate change is two-thirds lower.

All components are recyclable. When empty, the pouch and cap can be recycled in their respective recycling streams, while the pump kit and bottle or jar can be reused indefinitely.,21431#


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