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Halsey Talks Her First Runway Walk at Givenchy

Kathryn Newton was twinning with Madelaine Petsch in the front row.

Givenchy green extended to Halsey’s tresses as the singer attended Thursday’s show. She sported a criss-cross bra top in the same shade — true devotion to the look.

The singer was sitting in the front row at Matthew Williams’ show, a method she found far more relaxing than walking the runway as she had Tuesday. Her turn at the Pressiat show marked her first time walking in a show, which she found a little unnerving.

“It was really scary,” she said, despite the fact that she performs at stadiums all the time.

“There’s nothing to distract you. When you’re performing, you’re focusing on the words and the songs and doing a great job. When I was walking, all I could think was ‘Don’t trip, don’t trip.’ It was like I forgot how to walk on the two feet God gave me.”

She also remarked that the moment went by in a flash. “You spend the whole day getting ready for 30 seconds. But you know, the pictures are forever, so it was really exciting.”

Halsey has been a fan of Williams since his previous incarnation as a designer and musician in Los Angeles. “I’ve been a huge fan of his forever, through all his brands, all his projects and the work that he’s done with Lady Gaga is incredible. I

’ve been following his journey for a long time,” she said, calling his designs “innovative.”

“Ant-Man and the Wasp” star Kathryn Newton was twinning with Madelaine Petsch as the two wore coordinating tweed suits: one pink and one blue.

They duo sent each other photos through the fittings so that the outfits were exact replicas in different colors. Newton had worn a similar set during recent press for the Marvel sequel, and she liked it so much she wanted to create more. Now the possibilities are endless, she joked. “Maybe there’s a yellow for Easter, maybe there’s an all white look, who knows, but I’m excited to wear them all.”

She also praised Williams’ work for “changing the house codes,” adding that she has a closet full of vintage Givenchy at her fingertips. Apparently her mother is an avid collector. She cited a white coat with black tie bows that she has scored from the wardrobe. “It would fit right in with the modern collection,” she said.

Lisa Rinna has been making the most of her first Paris Fashion Week, too. “I am seeing such beautiful things. This is like theater. You know, it’s showbiz baby,” she said.

The former reality star has hit almost every possible show, plus cocktail parties and dinners, too, with a few couture costume changes in between. It’s an endurance race for most, and a hard pace to keep up, but Rinna remains game: “If I can survive the ‘Housewives,’ I can survive anything.”


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