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How Contemporary Jewelry Maison FRED Captures The True Essence Of Elegance And French Craftsmanship

Founded by Fred Samuel in 1936 in Paris, the designer offers an array of exquisite timeless pieces that can be worn for any occasion

Launched in 1936, the French contemporary jewellery designer combines various patterns, stones, and colours to create collections that cater to everyone’s style. The Maison specialises in its personalised creative pieces that provides versatility for everyone, a unique approach to fine jewellery.

Here Bazaar shares insight into three of FRED’s signature collections here.

Force 10

This range includes a sophisticated black diamond bracelet with a classic white gold broad buckle, a powerful and bold accessory that can be worn daily or for any event.

The piece comes in various coloured stones like white diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and topazes, catering to everyone’s style.

Pretty Woman

Shown in the iconic 1990 film, the name of this collection derives from one of Julia Roberts’ most popular movies.

“When our Rodeo Drive boutique in Beverley Hills received a visit in 1990 from the production team of the film ‘Pretty Woman’, at the time seeking a jewellery piece for its leading actress, we had no idea that the necklace of hearts set with diamonds and rubies they chose would become a special part of the movie, thanks to Julia Roberts’ legendary burst of laughter and Richard Gere’s elegance. So naturally, we named it Pretty Woman. Since then, the Pretty Woman collection has remained part of the Maison, a symbol of love reinterpreted over the years,” says Valérie Samuel, Vice-President and Artistic Director of FRED.

The collection includes timeless pieces that offer a modern touch with elements of french heritage. The ‘Audacious’ necklace is one of our favourites, it consists of 554 diamonds and 8 rubies, definitely added to our wish list. And that’s not all; this beautiful creation offers the option to detach the string of diamonds that can be worn as earrings, a brooch pin, or as the necklace itself, a multipurpose treasure.

Chance Infinie

The Chance Infinie collection includes a universally popular symbol representing luck, passion, destiny, along with diamonds and gold to make it stylish. The ‘8’ symbol also is an ode to founder Fred Samuel’s date of birth, adding a personal meaning to each piece from the range.

From the simple yet chic pendants to the delicate and stylish rings, the Chance Infinie is the perfect gift to all the special people in your life (including yourself).


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