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When Nigo was announced as the new Artistic Director of KENZO back in 2021, a renewed sense of excitement surrounded the LVMH-owned brand.

As the first Japanese designer to take the KENZO helm since the late Takada founded the company back in 1970, Nigo — who, for those not au fait, is also the brains behind BAPE, as well as having a hand in Humanrace and UNIQLO UT — was tasked with writing a new chapter in the brand’s history books, something that began with a bang following his debut in Paris early last year.

Now, following said preview at Lycée Carnot in June 2022, Nigo and KENZO have announced the immediate online release of its Spring/Summer 2023 collection titled: KENZO Pixel.

A continuation of the forward-thinking approach to modern fashion it developed through last year’s Fall/Winter collection, SS23 is a nod to the aesthetics associated with the designer’s teenage years throughout the 1970s and 80s, and draws on the concept of “real-to-wear” and the lively, pop-inspired designs Nigo has become renowned for.

Pixelated hues adorn pieces like denim ensembles and knitwear, as well as jersey tracksuits which arrive as a nod to the streetwear of the 80s. Pixelated motifs like tigers, roses, and hearts also arrive atop tees and hoodies, alongside eye-catching cardigan and skirt concoctions.

Since Nigo’s arrival at KENZO, it’s safe to say that the excitement is yet to dwindle. And if SS23 is anything to go by, it certainly doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

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