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Jared Leto Talks ‘Tron,’ Paul Dano Teases ‘Dumb Money’ at Givenchy

Noomi Rapace, Jack Harlow, Tyga and Taeyang also made the front row at Matthew Williams' latest men’s show in Paris.

The long cobblestone walkway and grand arches of Paris’ Invalides museum make for a pretty dramatic entrance. Jared Leto, Noomi Rapace, Jack Harlow, Paul Dano and Taeyang were among the celebrities who made the walk at the Givenchy show Wednesday.

Leto is attending his favorite fashion week shows — he’s a Givenchy regular — before taking a week or so off. Then it’s back to work, first on the filming of the “Tron” remake and then on to Lollapalooza in August with his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

“It’s a film I loved as a kid,” he said. “It’s beautiful to enter into that world. I mean, it’s a childhood fantasy for me. It’s gonna be a good one.” He plays an engineer who is sucked into the digital world he created. His film about Karl Lagerfeld is still in the works, he added.

Leto has attended the Givenchy show for several seasons. “It’s incredible all the hard work that goes into this 15 minutes. It’s absolutely stunning.”

Dano, who just served jury duty at the Cannes Film Festival, arrived at the show minutes after the trailer for his next film, “Dumb Money,” dropped. He talked about how he prepared for the role of the YouTuber Keith Gill, aka “Roaring Kitty,” behind the trading frenzy of the Game Stop stock drive.

“It’s a true story so there was a lot of fact to look into and a lot of research to be done, but I think my main attraction to the character was that guy’s spirit — ‘Roaring Kitty’ — a super beautiful, spirited guy who was making videos on YouTube. So I spent a lot of time meeting his virtual self,” he said.

“The Batman”‘s Riddler was asked what he would do if he ever came into some “dumb money” himself. “I would hope that I would also do my part to be a good Samaritan,” he said.

Chinese pop star Fan Chengcheng was being a bit of a fanboy, asking Leto and Harlow to pose for pics with him. The fellow front row attendees happily obliged.

As is common practice for Asian fan clubs to raise a star’s profile or celebrate their achievements, Fan’s fans sent a billboard truck to circle the venue before the show. “I did see it,” he said. “And I am so thankful for my fans for doing everything for me. It’s nice to see it, and I love it.”

“It was fantastic, he brought style for [the] gentleman and hip hop all together,” Fan added about the show.

Tyga is also a fan of Givenchy’s creative director Matthew M. Williams, and was dressed in head-to-toe Givenchy from past seasons. “It was definitely a different style than some of the previous shows, but I like the tailoring of the suits. It was more formal, and I like that. A little more classic,” he said. The rapper is working on new music but won’t have any releases before the end of the year, he added.

Evan Mock has done away with his pink hair this season, and said he only plans to attend the one show this week.

“He’s a master at what he does and he treats everyone with kindness, and that’s all that matters to me,” he said of Williams. The Hawaiian-born Mock has been working on his own line, Wahine, for the past year. The first release brought varsity jackets, graphic T-shirts and hoodies, but he envisions it moving beyond contemporary skate-inspired clothing.

“It’s everything. I just wanted to make a brand that I could create anything I wanted to, like a tea set or a toothpick. Anything. It could be clothing, it could be accessories, it could be something you use every day,” Mock said. The skateboarder pulls in inspiration at the shows, he said. “I’m around a bunch of amazing artists and friends.”

— With contributions from Joelle Diderich


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