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Jessica Alba, Camila Alves Praise Stella McCartney’s Sustainability Street Cred

She's paving the way for other designers to make more environmentally friendly collections.

Stella McCartney took everyone for a ride, staging her early morning show at equestrian school Manège École Militaire.

Out came a pack of white horses at the behest of trainer Jean-Francois Pignon, who performed various tricks and formations in unison. It was a curious choice for a vegan line, but delighted the crowd nonetheless, and McCartney assured guests that the horses are rescued and humanely trained.

Jessica Alba sat front row, and praised McCartney’s activism. “She’s a gal’s gal, she loves the planet, she loves people, she loves kids, and she’s pretty fearless,” she said. “She was the first to bring sustainability to luxury and show it can be done. And that’s the influence, it trickles down to everyone else, which is pretty cool.”

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton director of image and environment Antoine Arnault was front row to support the first sustainable brand in the conglomerate’s stable. Rita Ora and Noah Cyrus also sat front row.

Alba sat next to Camila Alves, who worked with McCartney last year to bring her collection to Austin, Texas, for charity.

“We did the runway in the middle of the soccer field, and had over 700 women that attended,” she said of the event, which raised funds for a medical center and schools.

Alves said that McCartney’s work goes beyond just showing for charity and extends to caring for the planet. “The fact that she’s able to do it, blending the beautiful fashion that she does and maintain sustainability as a key mission is amazing,” she said. “And she’s fighting for other designers who also stand for the same purpose and opening a path for them.”

Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey STEPHANE FEUGERE/WWD

“Outer Banks” stars Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey had a mini-reunion in the front row. “It’s chaotic,” said Cline of the tiny area packed with photographers. “But I love to see all of my friends somewhere else outside of L.A. and I think this is such a fun celebration of fashion.”

The Netflix show has been a breakout this season, which Cline framed as “phenomenal.”

“I feel like every season I barely believe that it’s all happening,” she said. Bailey added that the show has already been renewed for season four. The ink is just dry on the renewal, they said, and they don’t know when they’ll start shooting again.

For Bailey, it was her first time in Paris and she was overwhelmed by the architecture — and the traffic. “I’m obsessed with the city. There’s so much beauty here and everywhere I look is stunning. But there is so much traffic,” she said.

Models pranced down the runway in checkered blazers, jersey dresses with rope details and cruelty-free fluffy heels.


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