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  • Eric Brain

Judith Leiber Ices Out Iconic Timex Watches In Rainbow Swarovski Crystals

Renowned accessories designer Judith Leiber, who’s most known for her flamboyant evening clutch purses often shaped like a wad of cash, an exotic animal, or something like a pair of lips, has teamed up with Timex to rework two iconic watches in Swarovski crystals.

Taking on the Q Timex and Timex T80, Leiber’s brand hand-applied over 900 Swarovski crystals to each timepiece — which are limited to 200 each, by the way — before polishing the stainless steel backing and inscribing it with dual branding and its unit number on the rear of the case.

A rainbow of colors grace the bracelets of both pieces, while the digital Timex sees its INDIGLO™ backlight-surround screen decorated in a bevy of white crystals, offsetting the retro aesthetic neatly. Dual branding appears on both timepiece’s faces, while the Timex T80 has also been given new hour markers in a larger array of multi-colored baguette crystals.

The Judith Leiber x Timex collaboration can be bought online now, with prices ranging from $1,000 USD to $1,200 USD depending on the style chosen. Take a closer look at both above.


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