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  • Jacob Davey

Karim Benzema is Fendi’s New Brand Ambassador

Double F's but all Benz does is W.

Image via Fendi

Fresh from winning the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, Karim Benzema has continued to add to his portfolio of excellence by becoming Fendi’s latest global ambassador.

Following partnerships with Hyundai and Jean-Paul Gaultier, the first work with the Rome-based brand saw Benz don a Fendi suit to pick up his much deserved trophy following an outstanding 21/22 campaign – and his second link up with the brand sees him flex the new Fendi Faster sneaker in a new editorial.

The low-top model fuses Fendi’s luxury codes with high-performance details. Speaking about the model and why Benz is the perfect man to don it, Fendi said: “Featuring technical fabrics and high-end athletic touches, the Fendi Faster Sneaker is balanced by the characteristic luxury which the Fendi Maison brings to each of its designs. In its finely tuned performance and finely honed detail, the Fendi Faster forms an ideal companion to Benzema’s own unique and inimitable skill, style, and strong personality.”

The resulting editorial sees Benz link up with the brand while wearing pairs of black, baby blue and light beige versions of the model along with pieces from Fendi’s latest Fall/Winter collection, including all-denim fits and a clean beige trench coat among others.

Benz has become the latest baller to be a major fashion imprints global ambassador, following other high profile moves from Gucci to secure the services of Jack Grealish and Heung-Min Son’s partnership with Burberry. It’s a marked move we’re going to continue to see going forward, with major fashion houses continuing to choose to connect with footballers in ambassadorial roles due to their growing off-field influence.

The sneaker is currently available in white nubuck leather or gray nylon, with corrugated running soles, and a FF motif along the sides, toes, and fabric inserts. The Faster trainers can be purchased for $1,100 now at Fendi boutiques as well as its online store.

Get a closer look at the Benzema x Fendi editorial below.


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