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  • Jennifer Braun

Kenzo and Levi’s launch denim capsule collection

Kenzo and Levi's are set to launch on Wednesday a unique capsule collection, bringing together the rich cultural heritages of the Parisian-Japanese fashion house and the iconic American apparel company.

Marking the first partnership under the creative direction of Nigo at Kenzo, designed in collaboration with Levi’s, the fall 2023 capsule collection is a celebration of denim for both women and men. In particular, the collection, available at Kenzo boutiques worldwide, select Levi's stores, Kenzo partner stores, and online through and, features approximately 20 garments and accessories, crafted mainly in Kaihara premium Japanese denim, with a strong emphasis on real-to-wear functionality, in line with Nigo's vision for Kenzo.

As an avid collector of historical clothing, Nigo's archives in Japan house an impressive collection of American denim pieces, including original Levi Strauss & Co. workwear designed for cowboys and miners. His passion for denim's place in fashion history beautifully aligns with the legacy of Kenzo Takada, whose fascination with the comfort and democratic spirit of denim led to the launch of the Kenzo Jeans line in 1986. Together, these components inspired the connection between Kenzo and Levi’s. The collection launches with a campaign shot in Kyoto, by Japanese filmmaker Umi Ishihara, and Inner Mongolian photographer Ryu Ika. It features a cast of models and talents, including Abas Abdirazaq, Hayato, Masato Eun, Peipei, Sen Ping, and Shun, adding a diverse and dynamic element to the fusion of East and West.,1563422.html


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