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  • Amos Chin


Sustainability has transcended beyond a fashion trend. It has influenced both the consumer purchasing habits and the business models of many fashion brands – essentially a catalyst for change in the industry. While many brands relooked into their manufacturing processes, Kenzo dived into the realm of sustainability by repurposing their spare stock pieces.

Dubbed Re/ Kenzo, the first fully recycled capsule encapsulates the house’s vision of creating fashion that celebrates nature and cultural diversity while protecting the planet.

Made up of 55% recycled fibres and 45% certified organic virgin fibres, the epicene collection of basic T-shirts is all about re-birth, re-renewal and respect for the environment and one another. As an homage to our planet, the Kenzo capsule sees refined shirts in colours that nod to nature, adorned with the iconic tiger emblem as a cameo over the heart – a graphic presence akin to a wink.

With sustainability at the forefront of this capsule, these recycled jersey pieces are the ideal casualwear that lends a refined look while serving as a gentle reminder of the tiger – fiercely passionate yet modest and tenacious in its endeavours to protect the earth.


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