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Kim Cattrall Brings Back Samantha Jones’ Powerful Style to ‘And Just Like That’ Season Two Finale

With Fendi First Bag

Kim Cattrall returned to reprise her role one last time in the season two finale of "And Just Like That."

Kim Cattrall returned for a cameo in the season finale of “And Just Like That” Season Two in a moment that fans have highly anticipated since the news about her surprise appearance broke in May. Cattrall, who played the iconic character Samantha Jones in all six seasons of “Sex and the City” and both movies, didn’t return to join the original cast in the show’s reboot.

Fans waited all second season to see when Samantha would finally make her return, and during the show’s season finale, which debuted on Max this Thursday, their wishes finally came true as Samantha called Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) to, unfortunately, say she wouldn’t be able to make it to her dinner party as her flight’s been delayed.

For Samantha’s cameo moment, Patricia Field, who costumed the original “Sex and the City” series and the two movies, returned to dress Cattrall for the role. Field selected a red dress, a silver metallic coat, silver bangles and most notably, a lime green Fendi First bag to the top of the look.

Fendi has played a significant role in the “Sex and the City” universe since the show’s inception. The brand was one of the first luxury labels to loan to the show and the franchise is widely credited with popularizing the now-famous Fendi baguette.

Field’s choice to accessorize Samantha with a Fendi bag is a full-circle moment, as it was the brand that helped transform the way she’d be able to costume the rest of the franchise during her time as the show’s lead costume designer.

Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, proteges of Field, assumed the costume design for “And Just Like That.” The duo has included several Fendi First and Fendi baguette bag moments throughout the show’s second season.


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