• Rebekah Clark


Courtesy of Swarovski

At Swarovski, jewellery is as much about making a statement as it is about honouring decades of history. For the latest instalment of the brand’s Wonderlab – where magic and science meet – creative director Giovanna Engelbert explores Swarovski’s Austrian heritage. By investigating the design principles of crystal, cut, colour and geometry, Collection II strikes a familiar balance of playfulness and glam.

“In this collection I wanted to dive deeper into a love affair with Austrian arts and crafts, notably the influences of the Wiener Werkstätte and Gustav Klimt, while bringing in a modernity to the organic ways shape and form can be represented within their tradition,” Engelbert says.

While hyper-expressive colour remains signature for the jeweller, Collection II elevates the role of clear crystal, looking at it in its purest form with pieces that are unapologetic in their scale and presence. The newly-released pieces present an evolution of beloved Collection I aesthetics and a burst of new ones.

Think, a genderless evolution of the Millenia Family, with new cuts, colours, and sizes; the Orbita Family takes on new palette of vibrant hues; and the Somnia Family best known for its beading combines precious stones and crystals for intricate designs.

Cushion cut rings and chunky pendants are reminiscent of the Y2K era while large crystal earring and chokers are made for lavish soirées. Sparkling styles are designed to be stacked and layered, or are just as spectacular on its own. Ultimately it creates plethora of pieces for individual self-expression – classic, punk, sweet, striking, and every personal expression in between.

This unique bohemian spirit could only be portrayed by an inclusive and diverse cast of talent. Men and women who are authentically themselves. In partnership with Mikael Jansson, the line of glittering pieces across rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and eyewear are worn throughout 25 portraits. Shop the collection now.