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Love it or hate it, LOEWE's insane pixelized clothing is borderline genius, if only because it so convincingly tricks the eye. Leave it to luxury's reigning trompe l'oeil champ to do 3D-2D clothes right.

First seen on the Spring/Summer 2023 runway, LOEWE's pixel clothes are not meant for average folks to wear. Not just because it's impossible to imagine a situation that'd justify a hoodie trickily trimmed with a flat black outline, but also because it's extraordinarily expensive.

More power to anyone who can justify $2,500 for the wild LOEWE pixel hoodie or $3,500 for silk trousers that eschew the thick outline for a camouflage-like pixel pattern but hard to imagine coughing up a month's rent (and then some) for one wild statement piece.

Still, for the right paparazzi-courting A-lister, LOEWE's pixel clothes are perfect. A$AP Rocky, for instance, didn't so much wear the hoodie as much as he put it on display for the myriad shutterbugs snapping away as Rocky and Rihanna depart dinner.

And that basically did it. What else do you need to turn heads, besides the world's most famous baby?

The faux 2D clothes will make anyone look like Minecraft Steve but LOEWE's also doing some comparably more approachable pixel-printed stuff that's much more accessible for anyone simply seeking fun stuff with a dose of graphic appeal.

Plus, the T-shirt printed with a pixelized LOEWE logo and baggy pixel jeans are relatively affordable when stacked up against stuff like the hoodie, assuming $600 tees don't strike you as an inherent ultra-luxury.

Currently available on LOEWE's website and stores, the pixel collection is currently only offered in womenswear but fret not: LOEWE is dishing pixelized menswear in due time, should dudes also desire to affect a Roblox-y air.

Technically, the $3,400 LOEWE Puzzle bag printed with a blown-up pixel pattern is genderless, though.


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