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  • Mariam Bagdady



With pastel hues and blur prints painting LOEWE’s newest collection, the Spanish fashion house introduces global brand ambassadors Taylor Russell and Tang Wei as the faces of their Fall-Winter 2023 campaign. Known for her roles in Luca Guadagnino’sBones and All (2022) and the National Theatre’s current production of Lucy Prebble’s The Effect, actress and director Taylor Russell brings an effortlessly timeless look to the luxury fashion house’s sensually sculpted campaign. Russell’s almost vintage beauty reflects well on LOEWE’s feathered and brushed suede dresses, handbags, and overly flamboyant shoes. She’s captured frozen in time and holding the softly sculpted leather Squeeze Bag with a customizable-length chain and squeeze-impressioned handle. Russell is suspended in this collection’s kindred aesthetic as prints carry the same in-motion and blurred impression – best seen in their unlined nappa leather Squeeze bag, the Puzzle Edge, and the Toy and Bow pumps.

Photographed by David Sims

Similarly, award-winning Chinese actress Tang Wei – better known for roles in Late Autumn (2011) and Finding Mr. Right (2013) – embodies the same passionately feminine aura that LOEWE’s FW23 personifies in their fluid duchesse satin dresses covered in prints meant to depict that in and out of focus still-shot. Wearing square-lined pastels as her gaze delicately focuses on a mirror in her hand, Wei portrays a playfulness in her poses – one that helps feed into this reductionist visual enigma.

There is a nearly apparent fine line between the women’s FW23 collection and the men’s FW23 campaign–an uncanny symbolism in its compositions and surrealist prints that alludes to the men’s similarly blurred ambiance. Whether it be their suede pumps, pastel handbags reminiscing on Polly Pocket pieces, or dresses that carry an out-of-focus pattern, the brand is finding solace in this type of fluid imagery. The still-pictures with its intricately crafted designs create a new strange reality imbued with a confident sensuality; however, it’s one where LOEWE’s women’s FW23 is sure to emerge as a frontman in modern fashion.

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