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In a beautiful collection of transcendental images, LOEWE presents their Fall/Winter 2022 campaign. The campaign is photographed by the talented David Sims. Amidst an autumnal backdrop of monstrous pumpkins, models showcase the brand’s eccentric collection. The collection is representative of the fashion house’s values and commitment to craftsmanship and art. Expertise and careful attention to detail are expressed in an experimental way that is honoring of contemporary art through aesthetics and thought provoking visual themes.

The Fall/Winter campaign communicates a certain appreciation for the illogical and surreal. The visuals are transportive to a style of fashion that is playful and largely created in the name of escapism. Despite the lack of civilian wearability within this collection, LOEWE prioritizes creative expression and upbeat imaginativeness that conveys the elevated caliber of the fashion house’s artistry and forthcoming vision.

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