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  • Ronald Kahihikolo

LOEWE Launches FW21 Collection

LOEWE launches

the FW21 Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection, an ensemble of garments that embodies the essence of the outdoors. Practicality goes hand in hand with inventive detailing, fusing to create a collection that is designed to live outside, in contact with elements. This collections ethos: Fully being aware of one’s environment, as both a place to inhabit an organism to respect.

Vibrant playfulness pervades the collection. Ideas of patchwork and upcycling are brought to the extreme and explored as a way to create not only surfaces but also entire garments. Materials, styles, and colors are mixed in bold collages. Outdoor, vintage and military elements are hybridized with traditional sportswear, creating progressive pieces of clothing. Upcycled tailored tweed jackets fused with sports jackets.


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