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  • Gia Rufino

LOEWE Paula's Ibiza Collection is an Ode to Island Life

The collection features a series of colorful and vibrant pieces ready to be doused in summer sunlight.

Ibiza is painted out to be an emblem of island life. Sandy beaches, sunkissed skin, dancing by the shoreline come evening time. Summers spent in Ibiza are summers that are sure to never be forgotten.

LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza collection is an ode to the island state of mind–a translation of the warmth and vivaciousness of island living into pieces of clothing. The collection pays homage to the original Paula’s Ibiza boutique where creatives and musicians met under one sunny sky. Ibiza became their home–and Paula’s Ibiza store is where they found that spark. The pieces from the collection were crafted for indulging in days and nights lounging around the beach.

Image Courtesy of LOEWE

Themes and motifs of a vibrant summer are seen within each item in the Paula’s Ibiza collection. LOEWE features a series of delicately crocheted polo shirts, skirts, and dresses–some of which are designed with leaf patches. Tops wear real alocasia leaves blended into the fabric. Think vibrant prints married with organic tones–all with the LOEWE anagram found in all the pieces as a consistent detail.

Slinky dresses that flow with movement were made with satin lambskin. Denim takes center stage for polos, Bermuda shorts, and micro shorts. Fringes were added to give off the ultimate dancing-by-the-water vibe.

The Paula’s Ibiza collection does not leave without accessories to match. Iraca baskets and the freshly-launched LOEWE Font tote were made with Woven raffia and Iraca palm as the materials of choice. The colorful LOEWE Font tote comes in three different sizes. The Petal Basket sports a wavy profile; the Gardener Bucket centers around the inspiration of greenery; and the fold shopper for men adjusts to the various activities–both on the beach and in the city.

Image Courtesy of LOEWE

Sunglasses are a must for summer life. The Wave Mask and Flame are unique with their silhouettes. But, the LOEWE Paula's Ibiza collection ties everything together with pairs of shoes including Terra slip ons, Bubble slides, and espadrilles with woven detailing.

Images Courtesy of LOEWE


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