Loewe does damn good eyewear.

Every season, the label comes out with a silhouette that somehow always ends up on my wish list. Over the past year, it has been the Paula's Ibiza sunglasses that come in plenty of different colors (you know the ones), and now the label has released its latest silhouette.

The new shades arrive with a flower-shaped frame crafted from injected nylon and are available in plenty of different hues including pink, green, yellow, and black.

They may be a statement piece, but knowing Loewe's influence, they'll become the it-item before we know it – just like accessories from the previous seasons.

In addition to the flower shades, the Paula's Ibiza collection features more statement shades, including a heart-shaped pair that is perfectly Y2K, the oversized "dive in mask" glasses that I've been eyeing (excuse the pun) since they first released, and plenty of new colors on the rectangular fit "Original" Paula's Ibiza shades.

Basically, there are plenty of eyewear options to choose from, and we can't get enough.

There's no doubt that we'll be seeing the flower shades all over social media this summer, as they not only make for the perfect statement accessory but also make any outfit a lot more fun, which is core to Loewe.

Recently, the label has been playing with unconventional silhouettes and fun items to create everything from the egg heels, to dresses with balloon boobs, making fashion a little less serious and a whole lot more enjoyable and unexpected, capturing Jonathan Anderson's whimsical vision.

It also cast Anthony Hopkins for its latest campaign, which I'd argue was the most unexpected thing thus far.

The shades are currently available as part of Loewe's latest Paula's Ibiza collection, and are for sale online at Loewe's website where they retail at approximately $350 USD, as well as at select retailers worldwide. Run, don't walk for these.