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  • Anastasija Pavic

Loewe’s Tomato Clutch Inspired by Viral Tweet

Jonathan Anderson Transforms a Viral Tomato Meme into Loewe's Latest Fashion Sensation

Courtesy of Instagram, @jonathan.anderson-Loewe’s Tomato Clutch Inspired by Viral Tweet

In the fashion industry, unexpected inspirations often lead to some of the most intriguing creations. This was demonstrated recently when a Twitter user named Gianna Rosina posted images of a plump, glossy red heirloom tomato, its surface adorned with organic folds and gleaming with ripeness. The tweet caught the eye of Connor, known as @homocowboi on Twitter, who quote-tweeted the images with the remark, “This tomato is so Loewe I can’t explain it.” The comparison drew widespread agreement, including from Jonathan Anderson, the British designer at the helm of Loewe, who shared the tweet on his Instagram with the caption, “Tuesday’s ”.

Connor’s observation is not without merit. Loewe, a brand renowned for its playful and sculptural designs, often infuses humor into its pieces. The brand’s affinity for shapes and forms found in nature and everyday objects aligns perfectly with the unique appearance of the heirloom tomato. The connection between the tomato and Loewe goes beyond mere visual resemblance. Loewe has previously ventured into the botanical inspiration with its Tomato fragrance line, which includes soap, candles, room spray, and incense.

Courtesy of Loewe

Jonathan Anderson’s embrace of the viral tweet didn’t stop at social media acknowledgment. He turned the viral sensation into a tangible product by designing a clutch bag that mirrors the heirloom tomato’s distinctive ribbing and grooves. The bag, featuring a golden sepal as a functional lock, was unveiled on Anderson’s Instagram, captioned “Loewe meme to reality.” This swift transformation from a social media joke to a high-fashion item garnered significant attention, with the reveal video amassing over 900,000 views within five hours.

Courtesy of Loewe


Anderson’s adeptness at harnessing viral moments to create desirable products is not new. In April, he launched the “I Told Ya” T-shirt, inspired by Zendaya’s character in the film “Challengers.” The T-shirt quickly became a sensation online and was spotted on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. This pattern of drawing inspiration from viral content and translating it into fashion highlights Anderson’s savvy understanding of contemporary culture and the digital age’s impact on fashion.

Under his namesake brand, Jonathan Anderson has previously released a series of bags shaped like pigeons, frogs, and cushions. These creations, much like the tomato-inspired clutch, blend humor with high fashion, reflecting Anderson’s unique design philosophy. This latest viral moment with the heirloom tomato further cements Anderson’s reputation as a designer who not only embraces but also excels at transforming internet trends into fashion items.


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