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LOEWE Unveils Botanical Rainbow Collection: A Sensory Dive into Nature

Sweeping the fragrance scene with a breath of fresh air, LOEWE introduces its Botanical Rainbow collection. At the heart of this vibrant lineup is the signature “LOEWE Accord,” a captivating essence inspired by the mystique of the Spanish Estepa flower.

Bringing these scents to life, Stéphane Bak and Úrsula Corberó flawlessly blend sensuality for LOEWE 001. But the stage doesn’t end there. Greta Lee enters, encapsulating the ethereal spirit of the new unisex LOEWE Aire Anthesis.

Adding flair to the collection is the revamped “Un Paseo por Madrid” range. Think luxury and opulence, captured in the Botanical Rainbow bottle, complete with an elegant marble cap. It’s no surprise that Greta Lee’s enchanting aura graces this edition too.

Behind the scenes, the collaborative magic of photographer Tyler Mitchell and filmmaker Albert Moya shines. Their campaign paints a story where human emotions dance with nature’s splendor. Imagine a backdrop adorned with flowers, leaves, and intricate ikebana arrangements.

Delving deeper, the “LOEWE Accord” is a masterpiece by perfumer Nuria Cruelles. This amber, woody fragrance sings a harmonious tune of nature, embodying LOEWE’s soul.

But what’s a rainbow without its colors? The Botanical Rainbow celebrates nature’s palette. Crafted by Jonathan Anderson, the collection features nine revamped fragrances. Each block-shaped bottle radiates a unique hue, reflecting the soul of the scent within — a true collector’s treasure.

Lastly, embark on a sensory tour with “Un Paseo por Madrid.” This ensemble of six unisex fragrances whisks you through the heartbeats of Madrid, from the grandeur of Teatro Real to the serenity of Templo de Debod.

Discover the allure of LOEWE’s Botanical Rainbow collection and let each scent tell its tale. Dive into the enchanting campaign images below.


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