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  • Ancuta Iosub

Luxury Fashion Brand CELINE Customized This Vintage MINI Moke in Time for Summer

Whether they are of the two-wheeled or four-wheeled variety, vehicles are fashionista's new favorite bling. The automotive and fashion industries have often intertwined when particular cars have become an accessory to be showcased next to a certain brand's clothing or vice-versa. Here is a new collision between the two industries: French luxury fashion brand CELINE unveiled a customized MINI Moke for its La Collection de Saint-Tropez campaign for summer 2023.

There is no high-end partnership to talk about this time, as CELINE is not collaborating with any major carmaker (not that we know of, at least), but this doesn't make the customized Moke car they just revealed any less impressive.

The fashion brand's La Collection de Saint-Tropez campaign was shot along the French Riviera coastline, specifically in Saint-Tropez, the adopted home of the company's creative director Hedi Slimane, so what better way to get around the coastline than in a drop-top car like the MINI Moke?

The small recreational convertible vehicle was introduced in 1962 and was initially conceived and produced as a lightweight military vehicle. It was subsequently marketed for civilian use as well, and it quickly became popular among beachgoers due to its small scale, open-air design, and surprisingly spacious and comfortable seating. It is seen as a symbol of freedom and pleasure in many parts of the world, especially in Saint-Tropez.

Created specifically for the Summer 23 campaign, the bespoke CELINE Moke car was painted in a glossy khaki green shade and customized with CELINE House's signature Triomphe logo, which also graces the re-upholstered canvas hood.

The interior has received plenty of attention as well, with a Triomphe wooden steering wheel, wicker seats, a dashboard that features tan leather detailing, and a customized gear shift that also displays the brand's logo.

The wheels on the vintage car have been refurbished, and they also exhibit the golden Triomphe signature. CELINE-branded dials, a new set of LED-ring headlights, and a wicker spare wheel protection are also part of the one-off creation.

Created in 1945 by Celine Vipiana, CELINE initially focused on made-to-measure children's shoes and then day-to-day apparel and leather goods for women. More recently, after Hedi Slimane's appointment as creative director, the brand's offering extended with the launch of men's fashion, couture, and fragrances.

The brand is known for the modern, minimalistic, and sophisticated aesthetic of its goods, which also reflects in the design of this one-of-a-kind Moke. Sadly, given it was made solely for promotional purposes, we aren't likely to ever see it driving down the road.

It seems that the French marque likes to experiment with recreational vehicles, as last year, to celebrate the holiday season, it revealed a made-to-order electric surfboard. Called the CELINE e-Foil, the surfboard was aimed at ocean lovers who like to ride the waves in style.


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