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  • Emily Capozucca

Marcolin: «Fashion? Supply chains are the strength of Italian industry "

Change at the top of Confindustria Moda, which today will appoint the new president in the assembly. The baton is handed over to him by Cirillo Marcolin, son of the founder of Marcolin Eyewear and former president of Anfao . "I will close my mandate after two particular years, with a pandemic and the crisis that has affected the entire sector - stated Marcolin -. But all the associated companies have demonstrated an uncommon resilience capacity, which has allowed the system to recover and be counted among one of the main engines of the Italian economy. In 2021 we recorded a recovery of over 22% which continued at around 16% in the first months of 2022, allowing us to return to pre-Covid levels in some sectors ».

Results possible thanks to "collaboration with the Draghi government but also with all institutions". In recent years "Confindustria Moda has placed itself as a single interlocutor representing the collective interests of a very fragmented reality". The price rush, the problems linked to raw materials, the costs of energy, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the government crisis «require us to remain united. Unity is the only solution to avoid becoming marginal. Fashion changes, markets evolve, and if we want to protect the Made in Italy of a perfectly integrated supply chain from upstream to downstream, we must do it in a coordinated way, putting aside the interests of the small parties. Even on the issue of green transition and digital transformation, small businesses do not have sufficient managerial and economic skills to face them, which is only possible if we think in terms of the system ».

Several goals have been achieved in training, in data management with the Observatory, in representing the various parties. Marcolin had the task of continuing what his predecessor Marenzi had done. “And we succeeded. Now one of the great challenges that our new president will have will be to guide the association towards further maturation ».


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