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  • Hannah Tan-Gillies

Marcolin Group introduces Adidas Terrex Snow Goggles to travel retail

Marcolin Group and Adidas have introduced two new Terrex Snow Goggle styles into travel retail.

The first style is impact resistant, lightweight and equipped with E-SUN Varia Lenses which automatically adjust to changing light conditions in less than 40 seconds.

The lenses are made with NXT, a dynamic material developed by E-SUN Solution which offers three different sun protection categories. The goggles also offer anti-fog qualities and provide clear vision at any temperature or weather condition. It has also been crafted with 3D inner foam, thick elastic bands and a silicone insert for maximum comfort. It features the Terrex Adidas logo in bold on the exterior.

The two new Terrex Snow Goggle styles have been equipped with E-SUN-developed technical lenses

The second style was designed for medium-to-high lighting conditions. It was made with E-SUN Kolor Up lenses that enhance brightness and contrast whilst delivering optimal UV protection.

The goggles have also been equipped with an innovative ventilation system — comprised of 15 aerodynamic vents — to enable better air flow and prevent fogging. Its cylindrical design allows for a widened field of view, while its 3D face foam padding lets the goggles adjust to any face shape. It is accented with the Adidas logo on the outside.

The two new technical sporty styles and various colourways are now available for purchase by travel retailers.


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