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  • Sandra Halliday

Marcolin Stories is new online lifestyle content series

Eyewear giant Marcolin has unveiled a new editorial project with the launch of its own online lifestyle brand magazine, called ‘Marcolin Stories’.

Available on its website, it’s a window into the company’s universe through “news, insights and curiosities related to the fashion & luxury industry, as well as ESG issues (Environment, Social, Governance), stories of people, interviews, reportage and travel notes, all seen from a lifestyle standpoint”. It comes as online sites and social media increasingly allow brands to communicate more effectively with the people who buy their products (both end-consumers and retailers) beyond what can be achieved with traditional advertising, whether that advertising is display, out of home or TV.

The content available via this new initiative comes under one of four categories: ‘Tell Me A Story’, ‘3 Questions To’, Behind The Scenes’, and ‘Around The World’. The company said that it “decided to develop its own language, aesthetic codes, storytelling, and high-quality expressive content to further engage the brand’s community of enthusiasts, customers and stakeholders”. And it added that “visibility, awareness of its heritage and international reputation are the key focus of the new project, which aims to create a unique and distinctive narrative voice within the eyewear industry, consistently with the company’s values”. Marcolin’s Group Comms Director Clara Magnanini said the company has a “huge narrative potential, as it feeds on an ecosystem of worlds. In this corporate multidimensionality, it is a universe rich of stories, which we will be telling every week through a brand journalism approach and lifestyle-inspired editorial storytelling, aimed at opening the doors of our company, showing ourselves and engaging passionate and stakeholders, a new trust- and loyalty-based relationship”. The company operates its own eyewear brands and also holds licenses for big names including Tom Ford, Guess, Adidas, Max Mara, Skechers, Bally, Pucci and more.,1523890.html


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