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Marcolin Takes Celebrations for 60th Anniversary to the Triennale Museum

Marcolin's set up at the Triennale museum in Milan.COURTESY OF MARCOLIN

MILAN — A giant sign spelling the name of eyewear company Marcolin was installed on the terrace of Milan’s landmark Triennale design and art museum to welcome guests to the celebrations of the firm’s 60th anniversary.

To mark the milestone, on Wednesday the firm staged a cocktail event dubbed “Look at Me Now,” a concept evoking the evolution and growth trajectory of the company since 1961.

These themes were also addressed in the speech Marcolin’s chief executive officer and general manager Fabrizio Curci made during the night, which mainly focused on outlining the challenges ahead for the company, such as stepping up its game in terms of sustainability and digitalization.

“We decided to do things our way and put everything upside down, so we transformed ESG into GSE by starting our strategy from the governance. Twelve months ago we started this path humbly but resolutely, so we’re going fast,” said Curci, underscoring that speed has always been key in business, “but in this moment it’s vital.”

The executive highlighted that enhancing inclusivity has been a priority, too. “No gender, no boundaries, just professionalism: the ability of these people to make glasses is the only thing that matters. And we’re further investing in this asset,” said Curci in front of an audience that included the company’s top management and longtime collaborators in addition to a range of Italian actresses and influencers. The event was also livestreamed to enable international partners to join the celebrations.

Marcolin’s CEO Fabrizio Curci with Italian actresses Cristiana Capotondi, Nicoletta Romanoff and Isabella Ferrari.GABRIELE ZANON/COURTESY OF MARCOLIN

In his speech, Curci underscored the key role of digitalization in the future growth of the group, not only as a means of communication but as a tool to optimize production processes and facilitate work across the board.

“The real value of what we do is [thanks to] the people we have that know how to do it. And that’s been like this for the past 60 years. That’s the patrimony we have and we need to preserve it but [we can’t do it] in the way we worked 60 years ago,” he said. “So the change is that we’re investing money and time just to have the technology to help people, not to replace them. If we’re able to do this properly, we will help people to free up a little bit of their time, giving them time to think about the next evolution of their jobs, instead.”

Before ending the night with a live dance performance and DJ set, a series of video greetings were screened and featured prominent personalities working closely with the group, which designs, manufactures and distributes eyewear collections for licensed brands such as Tom Ford, Guess, Moncler and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Based in Longarone — in Italy’s Veneto region known for being an eyewear manufacturing hub — Marcolin also counts the Web, Marcolin and Viva house brands in its wide portfolio.

As part of the anniversary’s celebrations, earlier this year the company released a special collection of Web sunglasses, whose packaging was marked with a celebratory emblem intertwining the number 60 with the symbol for infinity.

The launch added to the revamp of the corporate logo and the relocation of the company’s Milan headquarters to new, larger offices.

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