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Mercedes-Benz X Moncler MONDO G: Out of This World

Mercedes-Benz has been on a hot streak with a string of striking collaborations, but their latest looks truly out of this world. The Mercedes-Benz X Moncler MONDO G seems like the sort of thing you’d want for cruising around the Moon.

We love to see such frivolous takes on two famous designs, the Moncler puffer and the Mercedes G-Wagon. It’s refreshing to see brands that aren’t too serious or overly precious about their icons, and instead just let the designers have fun.

“This art piece merges extremely contrasting forms and surfaces: spacecraft shiny materials with a used patina look; strong geometry of the G-Class with organic forms of Moncler puffer jackets,” explained Mercedes’ chief design officer Gorden Wagener.

This isn’t just some CGI render. Craftspeople actually built this one-off behemoth. It’s more gigantic even than the standard G-Class, at 4.6 metres long, 2.8m tall, 3.4m wide, and tipping the scales at 2.3 tonnes. So, forget about trying to get this into an underground parking lot, let alone your garage. The MONDO G art piece was unveiled at Moncler’s The Art of Genius show during London Fashion Week. No word on when it’ll land on the Moon.


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