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  • Bernadette Lunas

Michele Morrone sizzles in Guess campaign

It feels like summer could go on for 365 days as the Italian actor and singer who made our screens sizzle with his film stars in the holiday campaign of a global lifestyle brand. 

Michele Morrone became an overnight sensation and a sex symbol, even, after his erotic-romantic drama film 365 Days, together with Polish actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka, was released digitally this year. 

He gained international recognition for his performance and soundtrack in the film, proving to be a multi-faceted superstar. 

But in his first advertising campaign for GUESS as the worldwide face of GUESS Men, Morrone doesn’t want to be boxed in the persona of Don Massimo Torricelli. 

“I don’t want to make something connected to the movie, I want to take this brand and make it my own; loving this brand as if it was my brand,” Morrone told Paul Marciano against the breathtaking backdrop of Villa Erba in Lake Como, Italy, where the advertising campaign was shot. 

“I love this project, I love this brand and everything, but I want to give you the idea of GUESS that I have in my mind,” he added. 

Under the creative guidance of Marciano, fashion photographer Nima Benati captured the essence of Michele Morrone—a sexy gentleman that embraces his creative side, he is, after all, an artist. 

Marciano said, “Michele is an extremely hard worker and a very ambitious and decisive man, and these are all qualities I deeply appreciate.”

“This campaign marks the launch of our new GUESS Men’s collection, reflecting our new focus on elevated, classic, and high quality styles perfectly in line with Michele Morrone’s personality,” he added.


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